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Wear Safety Net For Cone Crusher Important Components

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Cone crusher is commonly used for high solidity mineral ore crushing. And it is commonly used for second or fine crushing in one squashing assembly line. Normally speaking, in one huge crushing line, the wear of its Nordberg Cone Crusher For Sale bushing is very solid which misbehaves impact the whole production.

Normally, the pin shaft bearing bushing is really simple to put on, the moving has minor wear as well as tear, as well as the center of it constantly has no wear. so how to avoid it to wear is really vital:

1. According to the direction, to readjust the gap of eccentric shaft bearing, when to inspect and also upkeep, you can make bottom gap of cone bushing bigger, at the same time make certain the top void.
2. When do the upkeep, you need to ensure the density of up, center, down the same.
Readjust the bevel gear clearance to guarantee the attire of gasket.
3. Prior to beginning the maker, to make certain the gearing wheel flexibility, and after the machine functioning usually, after that feed into the crushed products.
4. Before quit the machine, should allow the maker discharge all the products from crushing chamber, and after that transform off the power.
5. Pay interest to the bearing's temperature level, as well as ensure the bearing in the excellent lubrication condition. As well as additionally ought to take notice of the noisy and resonance. If there is something unmoral, quit the equipment in time as well as inspect if there is anything embeded the maker or there is any type of part harmed.
6. Keep feeding evenly; prohibit the steel, wood as well as other solid materials into the crushing chamber.
7. If the final result dimension is much bigger than needed, you ought to figure out the reason, and eliminate this phenomenon.
8. When stop the crusher, you ought to check whether the bolt hangs, the using components' damageable degree. And replace the wearing parts in time and more.

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